The Investment Checklist: The Art of In-Depth Research

Jetzt kaufen A practical guide to making more informed investment decisions Investors often buy or sell stocks too quickly. When you base your purchase decisions on isolated facts and don’t take the time to thoroughly understand the businesses you are buying, stock-price swings and third-party opinion can lead to costly investment mistakes.

Performanceanalyse in der Praxis: Performancemaße, Attributionsanalyse, Global Investment Performance Standards

Jetzt kaufen Performancemaße, Attributionsanalyse,Global Investment Performance StandardsGebundenes BuchDie 3. Auflage des Lehrbuchs zur Performanceanalyse von Investmentportfolios stellt eine völlig überarbeitete und wesentlich erweiterte Fassung der erfolgreichen Vorauflagen dar. Am allgemeinen Konzept, grundlegende Anwendungen in der Praxis durch detaillierte Beispiele zu veranschaulichen, wurde jedoch festgehalten. Neu hinzugekommen sind umfassende Darstellungen der Analysemethoden für Rentenportfolios und Portfolios, […]

Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers and Acquisitions (Wiley Finance Editions)

Jetzt kaufen Investment Banking, UNIVERSITY EDITION is a highly accessible and authoritative book written by investment bankers that explains how to perform the valuation work at the core of the financial world. This body of work builds on Rosenbaum and Pearl?s combined 30+ years of experience on a multitude of transactions, as well as input […]